Topics for the writing part

Here you will find some of the topics that have been asked in the writing part of the University Entrance Exam. You can practice because practice makes perfect!

  1. Would you like to become famous and appear on TV?
  2. Do you think school life is stressful? Explain.
  3. Tell a story, tale or legend that you know. Give it a title.
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going to university?
  5. Could you live for four weeks without television, the Internet, video games or your mobile? Explain.
  6. Would you live in a foreign country? Explain why.
  7. Do you think learning other languages is important nowadays? Why?
  8. Gossip and yellow journalism in the Spanish media. Give your opinion.
  9. Do animals contribute to make our lives easier or better? Explain.
  10. Some British and American traditions have become popular in Spain nowadays. Discuss.
  11. Advantages and disadvantages of eating fast food. Discuss.
  12. Discuss the importance and problems of animals in modern urban societies.
  13. What experiences would you like to live before you are old, and why?
  14. Which invention or inventions have changed the world the most and why?
  15. Where would you like to travel? Give reasons.
  16. What kind of prize would you like to win? Explain.
  17. How could you contribute to a time bank or any other volunteering project?
  18. Computers, mobile phones, game consoles…, what is your favourite technological device? Why?
  19. Describe your ideal husband, wife, or partner.
  20. Write about something funny that happened to you or someone you know.
  21. Do you think some sports are better than others? Why?
  22. What is your favourite celebration of the year? Why?
  23. What do you think are the most important things in life? Why?
  24. Does money bring happiness? Discuss.
  25. What are your favourite free time activities?
  26. Describe your experience at high school.
  27. Would you like to be famous? Give reasons.
  28. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile devices at school.
  29. Do you like mystery stories? Discuss (explain why, or summarise one of these stories).
  30. “I spent some of the best days of my life at school”. Is that true for you?
  31. “School violence is a serious problem in schools”. Discuss.
  32. ”Everybody should have the right to enjoy medical insurance no matter their financial status.” Discuss.
  33. What do you think you could do in your daily routine to have a healthy lifestyle?
  34. Do you think genetic research is good or bad for humanity? “The Spanish Government should invest more money in scientific research.” Discuss
  35. What would you do to help poor people in your country?
  36. Western countries should help the developing third world. Discuss.
  37. How good is public transport where you live? Explain.
  38. Advantages and disadvantages of making city centres pedestrian areas.
  39. “Weather changes greatly affect people’s lives.” Discuss.
  40. What would your ideal weather be like?
  41. Would you mind having your children after fifty? Give reasons.
  42.  “Young people nowadays don’t want to have children.” Discuss.
  43. Would you like to go to Africa and help people there? Give reasons.
  44. “The first world should contribute to finding a solution to Africa’s problems”. Discuss.
  45. What changes have new technologies brought to your life?
  46. How has medicine changed in the last decades?
  47. There is no agreement on how governments should spend public money: education, health, culture, environment, etc. Give your own opinion.
  48.  How can you contribute to preserving the environment in your daily routine?
  49. “Old people should live in residential homes.” Discuss.
  50. If you had to do some work in social care, who would you like to take care of? Give reasons.


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