Frankestein is considered to be the first horror novel. It was written by Mary Shalley.

If you want to know more about this masterpiece do the following activities.

1. Watch the following video and try to write a brief biography about the author.

2. Write if the following statements are true or false. Explain your answers. You can watch the videos from the film to help you.

  1. Victor’s meeting with Professor Waldman at the university led him to discover the secret
    of life.
  2. Victor’s work to create a human being took all his time.
  1. Victor thought that Justine had murdered William.
  2. The monster was intelligent.
  3. Victor thought the monster planned to kill Elizabeth.


Complete the chart according to the story.

Quote Who said it? Why did he / she say it?
1.  “What had I done? My beautiful dream disappeared and I was filled with horror and disgust.”
2.  “What is it, Victor? What has happened to make you so unhappy?”
3.  “I found William’s locket next to me the morning after the murder. But how did it get there? Maybe the real murderer put it there?”
4.  “But I ask you to do your duty towards me, and if you agree with my conditions, I will leave you, your family and friends in peace.”
5.  “Every man has someone to love – except me! Why should you be happy with your love, while I am alone and miserable?”

4 The monster is two characters in one – a creature looking for friendship and love, and a cruel murderer. Give three examples that show the monster wanted friendship and three examples that show he was cruel and violent.

Shows he wanted friendship and love Shows he was cruel and violent

5 Watch the following clip and write a paragraph. Your paragraph should be at least 80 words long.

Victor Frankenstein was the real monster in the story. Do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer.

6 Write a paragraph. Your paragraph should be at least 80 words long.

Give examples from the story to show that people judged the monster by his appearance.

7 Watch the following video from the film and write a paragraph about the idea below. Your paragraph should be at least 80 words long.

Do you agree or disagree with Victor’s decision to destroy the female monster?